Sound Healing Session

How to apply the synergies in line with the sound transmission.

Step 1:

Choose the synergy of your choice, according to the chakra you want to work on during the sound journey. (This sound healing is beneficial to all our energy vortexes, go in with an intention.)

Step 2:

How to use your synergies:

– Apply a few drops on the area of the chosen chakra. (Check information on the E-shop for a full explanation.)

– You can add a drop on each wrist, take deep, long inhales and exhales whilst working with olfaction. (Repeat 3-5 times before the voyage.)
– You can also work with both techniques at the same time.

Step 3:

– Make yourself comfortable in any way that feels right for you. (Laying down, sitting down, etc.)

– Make sure to put your headphones on for this experience.
– You can now close your eyes, think about your intention & enjoy the journey.

Thank you for your trust,

With an open heart,

Zahraa from Enlightenment Healing.

This sound healing was exclusively made for the purchasers of the box of magic.