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General Terms & Conditions of Sale

General Terms & Conditions of Sale


1.1. The services offered by Zahraa Bakri are listed on the site, along with their description and price.

The Services offered by Zahraa Bakri correspond to are intended to help towards well-being concerning various physical or emotional issues. These services are not a medical appointment.

The Services are designed for teenagers over 16 and adults, face-to-face or remotely depending on the choice selected in the reservation form.

1.2. The customer reads the description of the desired service before placing any order on the Zahraa Bakri website.

In case of doubt, the customer is invited, before any order, to address questions to contact@enlightenment-healing.com. Zahraa Bakri will respond within a reasonable time.

1.3. To book a session, the client must complete an online form. Once the request has been sent, he will be contacted with a proposal for an appointment and will receive the terms of payment, by bank transfer. The appointment will only be made after receipt of payment.

The customer is required to enter his contact details in the form (name, first name, age, address, telephone and e-mail address).

Zahraa Bakri already declines all responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors made by the customer when providing their contact details (art. 2.2.)

Before any complaint, the customer is invited to check his “Spam” or “Junk mail” file.

1.4. The appointment can be canceled by the client, at least 48 hours before the date set for its completion, by e-mail to contact@enlightenment-healing.com. If he had already paid, the customer will then be refunded the price of the service.

No cancellation will be possible apart from the hypothesis provided for in the previous paragraph. If the client wishes to cancel the appointment less than 48 hours before the date fixed with Zahraa Bakri, he will not receive any refund or compensation of any kind.


The client knows that Zahraa Bakri is not a doctor or therapist within the meaning of law. Zahraa Bakri “Certified” for all the services she provides.

2.1.    Zahraa Bakri declines any responsibility as to the choice of service made by the customer, and in particular on the suitability or not of the Service in question in relation to the customer’s problem.

Zahraa Bakri declines all responsibility in the event that the customer’s desired effect is not achieved through the use of any of the services. In this regard, Zahraa Bakri is only bound by an obligation of means: the effectiveness of the support (face-to-face or remotely) offered by Zahraa Bakri depends largely on the receptivity of the client and his own involvement. towards his well-being.

The services offered by Zahraa Bakri cannot replace any medical treatment, and have no therapeutic property within the meaning of the law. Zahraa Bakri invites any consultant encountering psychological or psychiatric difficulties, pathologies or physical pain, to consult a doctor or a therapist.

The services offered by Zahraa Bakri only support the client towards a better well-being and in the unblocking of certain problems, and can not constitute any treatment or medical device.

2.2. Zahraa Bakri declines all responsibility in the event of inaccuracy or error by the customer in providing their contact details when filling out the form.

3 – E-SHOP

3.1 General
The below represent the terms and conditions between ENLIGHTENMENT HEALING (the Company) which produces essential oils (the product), and the customer, who accepts to purchase the product and abides by the terms and conditions detailed below, and by special instructions mentioned clearly on the label on the product.

3.2 Website
The company is commercially dealing with public through the www.enlightenment-healing.com (the site)

3.3 Legal capacity of the customer
It is granted that the customer who is purchasing the product from the site clearly and surely carries legal capacity to do this transaction, and therefore, the company does not hold any responsibility if otherwise.
Also, if the customer represents a company wishes to exercise his right of purchasing, the Company assumes that the customer is legally authorized and designated to act on behalf of the company carrying the purchase, and therefore, is not responsible if otherwise.

3.4 Conformity of Law in the European Union
The products are manufactured or performed in accordance with the norms and standards applied in the European Union, and the precise specifications are outlined in the order.

3.5 Infiltration – virus Damages
The Company is not responsible for any damages on the customer’s computer caused by infiltration of any virus of any kind, or by any misuse of the site, or any other reason related to this matter

3.6 Order and order confirmation
The Company will send to the customer an email confirmation of the order placed by the customer, and it will be bound to the order only when receipt of the payment is confirmed

3.7 Cancellation of the purchase and return of the goods by the customer
The customer has a period of seven working days in order to return the product ordered, at the expense of the customer. This period starts from the day after the delivery of the order. The goods must be returned to the address which will be notified by email, and must be in new condition and complete, and in their original packaging.
The company will reimburse the client in the form of a voucher to be used on a future order, within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the parcel by the company.
The return of the product will not be valid in any of the following cases:
Goods damaged by negligence, misuse or repair by third parties or by the customer himself.
Goods opened, used or consumed;
Goods whose packaging is not original;

In any of the above cases, the goods will remain at the disposal of the customer at the company.

3.8 Invoicing, prices and payment terms
Payments shall be made in the same invoice currency, and the invoice is payable in advance so that the company can execute the order.
Prices appearing on the Site are the correct prices. However, the Company has the right to modify the prices without any prior notice. the prices shown on the invoices should be exactly the same as the ones on the site.
Prices are exclusive of custom duties, VAT if applicable, or any other expenses

3.9 Delivery
Except where the following provisions are reserved, the goods will be dispatched within the time limits mentioned on the confirmation and delivered by the usual postal services or by carrier.
However, the company is not responsible in the event of excessive delivery time due to the postal services or means of transport, as well as in the event of loss, deterioration or theft of the goods ordered during transport or a strike by the post office or the carrier, or due to force majeure, or any problems caused by error in entering wrong data on the order request. In general, the parcel should be shipped from the company within 2 to 7 working days from the date of receipt of funds.
In case of delay due to the above reasons, the client is not entitled to ask for compensation, or the client has no right to refuse the goods or services, to demand compensation or to refuse the order

3.10 Absence at delivery time
If the customer is absent when the postman or the carrier is at the place of delivery, the customer needs to solve the issue directly with the shipping company.

3.11 The guarantee
As soon as the products are delivered, the customer must test or examine them within fourteen (14) calendar days after delivery. In the event of observing any defect on the product, the customer should report by email supported with photos of the product with detailed explanation showing clearly and non-debatable way the defects
After the fourteen-day period, if there are defects or non-conformity aspects, they will be deemed to have been accepted by the customer.

3.12 Complaints
In case a complaint should arise by the customer, the customer must describe in detail the problems observed. The customer must send the defective products that are not in accordance with the order sent to the company, in an appropriate manner at his own expense. The return or sending of a voucher can only be made for goods returned to the company, still complete, in their original condition, along with a copy of the original purchase invoice that came along with the goods.

3.13 Use and consumption of the goods
The customer is fully aware and definitely agrees with no doubts that the goods should not be used other than what is in accordance with the recommendations described on the website, and as shown on the product label. The product must be stored in an environment, at room temperature, away from sun light.

3.14 Safety
Our product is safe to use according to the instructions written on the product label. Additionally, the customer has the right to consult a doctor or a health professional.

3.15 Damage on the Product
The company cannot in any circumstance be held responsible for any damage of any kind that may result from the improper use or consumption of the products, or from any modifications to the goods made by the customer. 

3.16 Privacy and Confidentiality
As the Company receives private information from the customer, the Company undertakes to keep this information completely private and confidential and shall not release the data received from the customer unless the Company has the acceptance in writing from the customer, or in case of any proper jurisdiction demands.

3.17 Dispute
The order or contract is governed by Polish law. The French version of our general conditions prevails over any translation, even if it is included on our site. 
Any dispute concerning the execution and/or interpretation of the order shall be submitted to the courts of Warsaw in Poland, which shall have sole jurisdiction.