Sensorial immersion

Sensorial Immersion

Discover the Essence of Your Session


Embark on a journey within, guided by Zahraa, to uncover and gently release any disharmonies or obstructions residing from your corporeal form to your emotional essence, all in the embrace of unconditional love.


This sacred space is cultivated for you to deepen your practice of self-nurturance, thereby harmonizing your nervous system and cultivating a serene existence. Within this healing encounter, we employ a tapestry of modalities including aromatherapy, reiki, Bach flower remedies, crystal resonance, and sound therapy.

As our session draws to a close, Zahraa crafts a bespoke essential oil blend, tailored specifically to your needs, for you to carry the essence of our time together back into your world. Additionally, a 21-day personalized path to self-love awaits your exploration, meticulously designed to extend the healing and growth beyond our session.

This path serves as your companion in integrating the practices and insights experienced, complete with detailed instructions for your essential oil blend, Bach flower recommendations suited to your journey, and exercises to nurture your continued evolution.

For those embarking on this voyage from afar, our session transcends physical boundaries through its online offering. The only variance being the journey of your custom synergy to your sanctuary, ensuring you receive its healing touch regardless of distance.


Investment in Your Journey: 155€


2 hours


Online or on demand