Own Your Heritage

Own Your Heritage

A Three-Month Pilgrimage


Why Three Months?

In the realm of numerology, the number three heralds creativity, the discovery of our true voice, boundless joy, and the infinite potentials within. It symbolizes the sacred trinity of birth, life, and rebirth, bridging the mind, body, and spirit in harmonious accord.


First Month: A New Dawn

Our inaugural month is inspired by the numerological essence of one—signifying a rebirth, a realignment of our energies towards our aspirations and distancing from what no longer serves us. This period is dedicated to sowing seeds of new principles and cultivating an enriched wisdom.

Second Month: Harmonious Balance

Mirroring the duality symbolized by the number two, our focus shifts to balance—exploring the dance between the feminine and masculine energies within, fostering internal unity. It’s a time to embrace every aspect of oneself, unlocking the gateway to our sacred birthright and basking in our own luminous essence.


Third Month: Claiming Your Inheritance

The final month, resonating with the vibrancy of three, invites you to fully embrace your heritage. This stage is designed for your creative spirit to flourish, encouraging you to stand tall in your divine uniqueness and infinite potential.


Included in Your Journey:

  • 3 personalized sessions
  • 3 bespoke essential oil blends
  • 3 tailored Bach flower remedies
  • 3 x 21-day empowerment programs


These treasures are bestowed monthly, each session meticulously crafted to address physical and emotional blockages with compassion and wisdom.

Through a blend of aromatherapy, reiki, Bach flower remedies, crystal, and sound healing, we embark on a path of self-care that harmonizes the nervous system and cultivates tranquility.

As our session culminates, you’ll receive a hand-crafted essential oil blend and a 21-day guide to self-love, alongside personalized instructions for integrating this newfound knowledge into daily life.


*Interested seekers can receive an in-depth personalized astrological chart reading from a professional astrologer. In conjunction with ‘Own Your Heritage’, you will receive the wisdom of both heaven and earth for a full-on experience of healing, and unlocking your keys in this cosmic symphony. The astrology session will guide you through placements in your different houses, and charts the stars in your blood to uncover how your heritage can guide your purpose in every aspect of your spiritual journey.


For those joining from afar, this sacred offering extends through an online format, with your personalized synergies delivered directly to your threshold.


Investment in Your Legacy: 399€

 Astrology add-on: +150€


3 months


Online or on demand


399 €