Own Your Heritage

Own Your Heritage

A Three-Month Pilgrimage


Why Three Months?

In the realm of numerology, the number three heralds creativity, the discovery of our true voice, boundless joy, and the infinite potentials within. It symbolizes the sacred trinity of birth, life, and rebirth, bridging the mind, body, and spirit in harmonious accord.


First Month: A New Dawn

Our inaugural month is inspired by the numerological essence of one—signifying a rebirth, a realignment of our energies towards our aspirations and distancing from what no longer serves us. This period is dedicated to sowing seeds of new principles and cultivating an enriched wisdom.

Second Month: Harmonious Balance

Mirroring the duality symbolized by the number two, our focus shifts to balance—exploring the dance between the feminine and masculine energies within, fostering internal unity. It’s a time to embrace every aspect of oneself, unlocking the gateway to our sacred birthright and basking in our own luminous essence.


Third Month: Claiming Your Inheritance

The final month, resonating with the vibrancy of three, invites you to fully embrace your heritage. This stage is designed for your creative spirit to flourish, encouraging you to stand tall in your divine uniqueness and infinite potential.


Included in Your Journey:

  • 3 personalized sessions (Sensorial Immersions)
  • 3 bespoke essential oil blends delivered to your doorstep
  • 3 Bach flower remedies, recommended for you
  • 3 x 21-day empowerment programs
  • Crystal recommendation: specific guidance for our 3-month journey
  • Comprehensive 8-15 Page PDF: integrating Astrology, Gene Keys, Human Design, & Numerology to assist your journey


What happens during a Sensorial Immersion?

Discover the Essence of Your Session

Embark on a journey within, guided by Zahraa, to uncover and gently release any disharmonies or obstructions residing from your corporeal form to your emotional essence, all in the embrace of unconditional love.


This sacred space is cultivated for you to deepen your practice of self-nurturance, thereby harmonizing your nervous system and cultivating a serene existence. Within this healing encounter, we employ a tapestry of modalities including aromatherapy, reiki, Bach flower remedies, crystal resonance, and sound therapy.

As our session comes to a close, Zahraa personally selects one of her unique creations for you—a bespoke blend of essential oil synergies—that she also offers on her E-shop. This allows you to integrate the essence of our time spent together into your daily life. Additionally, a personalized 21-day journey towards self-love awaits you, meticulously designed to foster continued healing and growth beyond our session.

This path serves as your companion in integrating the practices and insights experienced, complete with detailed instructions for your essential oil blend, Bach flower recommendations suited to your journey, and exercises to nurture your continued evolution.


This sacred offering extends through an online format, with your synergies delivered directly to your threshold.


Investment in Your Legacy: 599€

Astrology add-on: +150€

*Interested seekers can receive an in-depth personalized astrological chart reading from a professional astrologer. In conjunction with ‘Own Your Heritage’, you will receive the wisdom of both heaven and earth for a full-on experience of healing, and unlocking your keys in this cosmic symphony. The astrology session will guide you through placements in your different houses, and charts the stars in your blood to uncover how your heritage can guide your purpose in every aspect of your spiritual journey.

If you wish, you can also book a 20-minute discovery call to determine if the program is right for you. Leave me a message via the form below, and I will respond to you by email with a link to make the reservation.


3 months




599€ or 749€